Become part of our international seduction network and use our proven ‘copy and paste’ materials to earn the highest commissions in the most exciting industry online...

Over the past six months we have had a small group of affiliates test our seduction offers through Facebook, banner ads, email marketing, pay per click and more. Our offers are proven to convert no matter what the traffic source. Now for the first time we are opening up our network to anyone who wants to earn massive commissions on both one off sales and rebill products and join us in making a personal fortune helping men around the world succeed with women.

What is the Seduction Network?

Let us give you a tip. If you want to make BIG money online as an affiliate you need to go into a market where you can place adverts pretty much anywhere and a percentage of people who see them WILL be interested and WILL buy. It’s for this reason that for years we have been promoting offers that teach men how to meet and sleep with beautiful women. I mean, it doesn’t matter what country you are in or what web sites you advertise on there are men EVERYWHERE who would give anything to be able to sleep with beautiful women on a regular basis.

The great thing about the seduction market is that the male brain is wired to want to sleep with beautiful women. Evolution forces the male mind to seek out women to mate with in order to reproduce. Men desperately want to meet and sleep with beautiful women - but most just don’t know how to do it. And that’s why there is such a huge demand for products that teach men how to meet the women of their dreams. That’s also the reason we have been promoting seduction offers for so long. The huge demand for these types of products means BIG money.

But there was a problem...

We found that the products we promoted as an affiliate were not set up in the way we wanted them to be. Either the conversions were not as high as we would have liked, or the commission structure was not great, or there were not upsells and back end offers to profit seemed that the deal was always much better for the product owner than for the affiliate. Even though we were making five figures a day promoting seduction products we were never truly happy with the set up.

That’s why we built The Seduction Network.

You see as affiliates ourselves we understand what YOU want. We know you want a product that converts traffic into sales.... We know you want huge commissions on both front and back end sales... We know you want recurring commissions and high end sales... We know you want proven marketing materials.... And that’s exactly what you get when you sign up to The Seduction Network. It is the first network set up specifically for the huge (and always growing) seduction market that puts the affiliates needs first.

For the past year we have been working on putting together an elite team of experts in product creation, conversion, traffic generation and more all with one aim in mind - to create an international network of products that make our affiliates, and us, a fortune. In other words we have created the network WE wanted to be a part of.

Let’s break down why we believe The Seduction Network can make you a fortune in the easiest possible way...

Why We Are Different...

Premium Affiliate Commissions

Here’s another tip for you. Promote products with mass appeal AND high commissions.

As we said when we were promoting other peoples seduction products we used to find it frustrating that we were getting paid half of the product sale at most and often were only making a commission on front end sales. At The Seduction Network you get paid the highest commissions on both front end sales and back end sales. Take a look at an example of our affiliate payouts below:

# Sold Total
1 per Day Earnings up to $47 Earnings up to $98 Earnings up to $50 Earnings up to $50 Earnings up to $98 $343
5 per Day Earnings up to $235 Earnings up to $490 Earnings up to $250 Earnings up to $250 Earnings up to $490 $1,715
10 per Day Earnings up to $470 Earnings up to $980 Earnings up to $500 Earnings up to $500 Earnings up to $980 $3,430

*Earnings are post CB fees and are estimates. They will fluctuate based on currency exchange, and commission percentage. In the example, the buyer purchased all offered upsells*

You send traffic to our PROVEN conversion process and we will turn that traffic into money for you.
It’s that simple!

Proven Affiliate Tools

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to

Something else that frustrated us when we were promoting other peoples seduction products was the affiliate tools they gave you were often unproven and, quite frankly, awful quality. This meant we were constantly having to try to create new marketing materials ourselves and come up with new angles and hooks for our promotions. Any affiliate who has been around the industry for any length of time knows what a pain in the ass this can be.

It’s for this reason that The Seduction Network provides you with ready made, proven materials to get started AND new materials every single month! That’s right, we’ll ensure you always have new and fresh ways of driving traffic to our site because your success is our success and we will always be doing whatever we can to help you make as much money as possible in the easiest possible way!

You’ll get proven per click per view pages and much more in our ever expanding Affiliate Resource Centre. Unlike others we won’t just provide you with crappy unproven banners and leave you to it. Each month we will provide new materials AND a newsletter showing you where we are having success with our own promotions (yes we too will be promoting our products. We practise what we preach and know just how much money can be made by driving traffic to our offers).

Contests and Prizes

Something that we always enjoyed as affiliates were any time a product owner ran a competition to find their top ten affiliates. There is something exhilarating about finding out if you can keep up with the best of the best and prove to yourself, and others, just how hot your affiliate marketing skills are.

It’s for this reason that we will be running regular contests for our network affiliates only. You’ll be able to win all kinds of prizes ranging from extra commissions to the latest technology such as TV’s and Ipads and much, much more. The winner of the contest gets something that money can’t buy though - the award for the top affiliate on the planet inside of The Seduction Network.

And Lastly...SHH...This is our biggest secret...

For years we have promoted Seduction offers to English speaking traffic in the US and United Kingdom. You could, and still can, make a fortune promoting these offers to English speaking countries.


The international markets such as France, Spain and Brazil are a HUGE opportunity for affiliates who are switched on enough to get involved NOW. In these countries we have found that traffic is cheaper, conversions are higher and the traffic can be scaled in a BIG way. You see these countries don’t have a big infoproduct industry, unlike USA and UK, so the consumers there are yet to see the kind of marketing and conversion techniques we use inside of The Seduction Network.

All of this adds up to one thing - You need to be a part of what we are doing. And you need to start now. Today. Every day that you are not promoting our offers you are potentially missing out on four to five figure plus commissions.

Fill in your details below and you’ll be taken to our Affiliate Resource Centre. You’ll be able to use our materials and our training and can be sending masses of traffic to our products, and making BIG money, within the next few hours.


"I only have praising words for the International Seduction Team! Not only did my customers enjoy and loved the product but also how well it converted – just crazy! I would recommend you trying with any sort of Traffic plus working with the Team is like instant earnings."

Estefano d'Elano

"You guys created a monster! Not only does it convert phenominal but the refund rates are super low as well. Absolute gold mine. I don't think this beast will ever run dry - until then you can expect massive amounts of traffic from me. THANKS"



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